MAMÈNE - created by independent Designer, Ashli Parker Fell. 

Women's ready-to-wear focused on warm weather and seasonless dressing. Use of natural fibers and intentional design come together through key pieces that layer and tell a story of refined ease.  A study of garment treatment and grounding color, creating shapes from a humble canvas. Designed and developed in studio through draping and sample making. Intended for people to create long relationships with their clothing.


Style over Fashion.  Style is a foundational story in which pieces work together to express an eternal spirit unique to you. We design those key magnetic pieces that work effortlessly during the year with jeans, layers and accessories.  An investment in something timeless out lives a trend.


First we source existing, unused materials before developing new ones.  We use natural fibers that are easy to keep, live in and wear multiple times.  Linen, Cotton, Hemp and Silk.  They are made to age and build character with you.  We don't believe in plastic synthetic fibers that pollute the earth and put health at risk to produce them.  Synthetic fibers are low-cost 'filler' in fabrics that make things affordable, but break down or end up in the trash.  Up to 65% of new fabrics are made of polymer pellets (plastic) spun into thread and then woven.  Every time they are washed, they shed millions of plastic micro-fibers. 


All sampling is done in-house using available fabric to get the design intent and vision to come through.  This hand on approach gives us full control of the quality, construction and process to minimize our footprint.  This avoids multiple shipments of articles, fabrics and packaging.  Any mistakes or changes can double that waste, triple it or more.  Design to pattern to garment, then adjust and repeat.. is our favorite part of what we do.  It gives us opportunity to invent, discover new techniques and set a standard.


Design that is not trend centric has no pressure of time.  There is no rush to make clothing to meet numbers or minimum orders, so we have time to think about design use all our fabric.  Almost all styles start as made-to-order or limited runs to test our client's reaction.  The success of a style measures how many pieces to make so we don't over produce.